Super Nurs LLC

I am Nick Warren, President of Super Nurs LLC. I am not only an administrator but a nurse by profession. I have enjoyed the opportunity of working in the nursing field for the past 17 years. My passion for the nursing profession spawned the creation of SuperNurs LLC in 2001. We serve the Rockford and surrounding areas with quality nursing care. We offer professional care by highly qualified RN?s, LPN?s and CNA?s. Our Mission Statement. Super Nurs provides quality supplemental staffing at the most affordable rates possible. Super Nurs understands the role of the agency personnel in facilities and respects that. Our desire is to flow with the atmosphere, and pace of the facilities we enter. Also, to be in every way as much a part of that nursing team as possible while present. Our goal will always be the same as yours, to provide quality patient care. It takes a special individual to do supplemental staffing, and not just do the job, but to perform the required duties well. Each individual must be able to step into the nursing role on a unit, provide quality care for patients, work in cooperation with staff, relate to families and adjust to any situation. That is what can be expected from Super Nurs staff.
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